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  • Exclusively for the Students of ARTS & SCIENCE / MBA
  • Exclusively for the Students of ENGINEERING & POLYTECHNIC
  • Exclusively for TEACHERS & TEACHER TRAINING Students
  • Exclusively for LITERATE PARENTS

…and LITERALLY for ALL 18+ Literate Community !!


Although it is a tedious process, We at Jayant Steps are taking sincere efforts to address the participants INDIVIDUALLY – College-wise, Department-wise (for Huge Participants Count), EXCLUSIVELY for Girls & EXCLUSIVELY for Boys (FOR SAFETY REASONS).

Eventhough it is a FREE SESSION we wanted to make sure that EACH & EVERY participant gets the MAXIMUM out of this Session, Since we feel that EVERY 18+ Literate Individual should possess atleast PARTIAL to COMPLETE Knowledge towards this Science.

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Your Simple & Kind gesture by sharing this invaluable message could be the GREATEST HELP for a Desperate Person in NEED !!
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21 reviews for FREE WEBINAR with E-Certificates

  1. A. Jaya

    Excellent webinar… I’ve learned so much from it… I really enjoyed thiz webinar…Thanks a lot✨…keep up the great work?

  2. Mymoona sherin.M

    First when I Heard I had some idea about this course and then they gave me a free analysis for my handwriting wowwww I was surprised to what they said everything was true and psychological fact .I love this course for sure . It will be useful for everyone in their upcoming life .I want to say this ,the effort they took to take a seminar is countless .All the best for you and your team wish too come out with flying colours , fighting.

  3. Shalmia Kysar S

    It was a Flabbergasting Webinar on Hand writing Analysis & Woman Safety by Jayant_Steps. I think, every budding Psychologist must require this skill too.. Very Interesting Introductory Session & each silly doubt was clarified.
    It was worth the time spent.

  4. Srinithi

    Wow? Such an amazing webinar,It was very useful and interesting too. Everything what they said was facts. Such an useful webinar it was, handled well by the Host. Thank you ?

  5. K. Abhirami

    It was like new experience for me, surely a knowledge providing work and teaching. Had a great time!

  6. Neeta Sajani

    Very accurate analysis was very astonished by it. Great work by the team. Excellent drive by the Founding Director. Keep growing.??

  7. Gayathri

    This webinar being FREE definitely did pull me towards it. But ngl, I was doubtful about this webinar at start — so many free and paid webinars everywhere with less quality. But this one stood out. I am more than glad to have registered. Man, I didn’t know something like GRAPHOLOGY exists!!! Some people consider it a pseudo-science. But my heart tells it does have science-backed facts. I have not yet learnt Graphology enough to comment if it’s right or wrong. But with whatever I got out of this webinar, I feel positive & fascinated about Graphology. The one-to-one handwriting analysis & mentoring session provided by the team helped me understand myself, my writing patterns, my brain set-up, and more. THANK YOU Jayant Steps. Wishing you all Success!

  8. Sameena

    One word, Amazing!! This webinar was more than I deemed it to be. I knew this webinar was going to be extremely informative after that personalised handwriting analysis. Your team took the exact measures so that people would understand its impact by giving a personalised analysis. Some of them may consider this as pseudo-science. But, I would say instead of totally neglecting it, one could absolutely make use of this analysis’s advantages! Especially for their own safety. Keep going, Jayant steps!!

  9. Mohana

    It was one of the most interesting webinars i have ever attended. Before this session, I had no idea what a handwriting analysis is. The whole concept is very clear and the host explained it in a very interesting manner. Overall the session was so good and I definitely had a great time.

  10. Stella

    This is really a very good webinar one can attend. They spare time to clarify each of our doubts. Communication is purely professional. Even before the webinar they take initiatives to do a quick analysis for us. That is really thoughtful. Graphology knowledge surely is needed. Thankyou for this opportunity Jayant Steps.


    This was an amazing session, and to be honest it was truly super awesome and interesting. I was amazed by the fact that handwriting could tell our personality and the handwriting analysis they gave me was absolutely remarkable and accurate. I found this session useful a lot because I didn’t know that a subject called graphology existed… Then I realised its a vast and super extraordinary subject. Thank you for letting me know and making me aware of graphology!

  12. Mary P

    This handwriting webinar is very useful. Interesting and informative. I really am amazed to find out how our handwriting can easily show our feelings and mind state. I feel it is very much essential to know about the science behind handwriting and become aware of one’s own personality.

  13. Sumetha

    PERFECT WEBINAR FOR GIRLS. I’ve learned a great deal from it. Heartily enjoyed this session and it was a great awareness program.

  14. M. Jeya Rosini

    A very informative session with clear-cut explanations and the doubts were clarified in an utmost patient manner.


    Such an amazing webinar.. Much useful to interact and to learn something new.. This can be the Best when it comes to developing (learning) a new skill.. Tips in GRAPHOLOGY explanation was awesome.. Thank you for the sincere efforts TEAM Jayant Steps.

  16. Shelmia I

    The session was really amazing and had a great time. The mentor solved all our doubts very clearly. The session was so interesting that it sparked us to professionally learn this science. No words to express how delightful and attracted i was, towards this course program.

  17. Francilamercy. P

    Amazing and interesting things i had learnt from this session, For the first time, that too by simply using handwriting.

  18. Nivedhitha B

    This is simply an amazing session. I learnt a lot. I didn’t know even 0.1 percent about this science, but I was totally mind blown when this science of precisely explained in the session and swept off my feet when i found out that even our simple handwriting reflects our character. Thank you team for this wonderful session.

  19. Swetha. M

    At first when I registered for this event I had no idea how it will be useful. But really I have to say this that it was the best session I ever had. They provided the best innovative session about handwriting analysis. They also provided us a quick handwriting analysis at free of cost. It’s really a mind blowing session. Really I’m very glad that I took part in the session. Great effort and great going!! Hope you’ll do thousands of best sessions like this.

  20. M.s.kavirakshana

    At first, when I registered for this webinar, I thought it’s gonna be a boring counseling session. I was terribly wrong! The webinar was really amazing and beneficial, it is really interesting to become aware of something we had no clue….I feel, its totally worth my time and I have absolutely no regret attending this enlightening session. It was also quite inspiring when Graphology Tips to ensure Women’s Safety was revealed. Overall it is surely an amazingly beautiful efforts taken.

  21. K.P.Anantha pravitha

    Firstly, I wanted to say THANK-YOU Jayant_Steps. I got my handwriting analysed from an expert from your team. You guys have effortlessly proved us that there is an entire science and meaning, even behind a simple scribble. I personally came to know that there exists a science like this only after this Webinar. It’s AWESOME, at the same time very interesting to know that our Hand writing does reveal our true personality. It’s funny to recollect, how confused i was in my childhood days to choose the right handwriting format and hence i kept-on changing it. Thank you loads for your unique initiative. This webinar gave me so much clarity that everyone is UNIQUE and our handwriting (in a scientific perspective) is a simple but special example to back the statement.

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