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Who We Are

Jayant_Steps is an Entrepreneurial Foundation that has been extending various Educational services to schools & colleges,
with a prime intention to offer simple & innovative out-of-the-box solutions to certain significant practical difficulties,
that the students have learned to live with (infact, compromise for); practice of which, as-a-matter-of-fact
seriously affects their personal growth as well as the societal progress on the whole.

JAYANT STEPS & GRAPHOLOGY (Handwriting Analysis)

In schools, general perception towards handwriting isn’t perceived the way it should be;
i.e., although beautification of handwriting might possibly reap an addition credit in Examination;
there are much more other vital insights that should be considered on a serious note in this regard.

Did you know that, a simple scientific study of handwriting reveals the writer’s complete psychological out-frame
(such as their strengths, weaknesses, hidden potentials & capabilities & a lot more)?!!
Teachers with such intense understanding towards their students can be the REAL Change-Makers !!

On 10.10.2020, under an enhanced officially incorporated stream

a Professional Team of Graphologists (all around the world) was setup with a sole purpose to
lucidly infiltrate Graphology into the current Education system, so as to effectualize the teaching methodology
-> primarily fueled by satisfying the psychological requirement of each & every student.

Simply put, We at Jayant_Steps are sincerely striving for an educational society, where,
NO student is judged based on how their handwriting looks; rather, their writing be scientifically explored
to intrinsically understand them for their indifferences & value them for their uniqueness.

Some of the Graphology related services rendered by Jayant_Steps:

• Foundational & Professional Graduate Course in 'CORPORATE GRAPHOLOGY •
• Screening of Hand-written application forms for Corporate houses •
• Free Awareness Campaign/ Webinar/Seminar/Orientation/Workshop
on ‘Handwriting Analysis & Child | Women Safety’
• Handwriting Change Challenge Programme •
• Signature Correction & Modification to prepare oneself for Personal Success •
• Grapho-Therapy for Personality-Psychological & Behavioral Corrections •

OTHER Key Services rendered by Jayant_Steps:

• Exclusively for Engineering students – Soft-skill training, Placement support,
Communication skill enrichment programme, special workshops & Crash-course
to enhance students’ Employability skills in the corporate world
(on how to impress & convince an Interviewer with innovative Out-of-the-box thinking)
• Personal Counseling & Motivational sessions with life skills for school | college students
• Training sessions & Orientation programme for teachers on various platforms like
Fine-Motor skills, Classroom Management, Happy-Teaching Methodological inhibition,
Pluralistic Education - Special seminars on ‘Parental Management Training’

Basic & Advanced Level Coaching in Calligraphy -
Creating Entrepreneurial Employability Opportunities via INTERNSHIP with STIPEND -
Project-based | Part-pay Commissions (for referrals) - Font-Designing CONTEST with huge Cash Prizes;
Royalty benefits, Franchise support and a lot more.

We have got the GREATEST PRIVILEGE to Train Hundreds of Educational Institutes
Under The CSI Diocese of Madurai-Ramnad,
As recommended by His Holiness Rev.Dr.M.Joseph, Bishop - Chairman

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