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Scientific Study of Handwriting (Handwritten patterns) is called Graphology or Handwriting Analysis.

Technically, Handwriting is one of the purest Reflection of one’s BRAIN patterns, REVERSE-ENGINEERING of which, can help in gaining DEEPER Psychological Understanding towards the writer.

DID YOU KNOW: Even an unintended scribble has an objective psychological representation that can be lucidly understood with the help of this Science.

*** ” Popular Myths with respect to Handwriting – Debunked !! ” – Explore the ‘Description‘ section BELOW ***


“Overview Handwriting Analysis Report” will be carefully crafted for the submitted Handwriting Specimen.

This Draft clearly portrays the writer’s Psychological Out-frame that actually reveals their true Personality Composition – Enlightening as a tool of strong self-awareness, revealing their Strengths, Weaknesses, Hidden Talents (Actual Potential Capabilities), Health Issues, Cerebral Performance and a lot more.

This “ANALYSIS REPORT” helps the beneficiary to understand themselves better and explore the deepest part of their psychological & behavioral perceptions which they themselves might not be aware of, so as to have better understanding towards what is actually required of them – to achieve their ultimatum !!

*** Popular Myths with respect to Handwriting – Debunked !! ***

1. I don’t have a stable handwriting – My handwriting tends to change quite frequently !!


2. Is it possible for me to deceive my personality by carefully managing to alter certain handwriting patterns ??


3. We are all taught the same handwriting style in schools. How does it make us unique ?!


4. Can we predict the future with this science ??


5. Does getting one’s handwriting analyzed be valid for his/her entire lifetime ?!



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