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Do you think ‘Years of Teaching Experience, Certificates and Strong Referrals’,
plainly endorse for an individual’s Moral & Ethical Standards?

What it really takes to STOP Sexual Harassment in Schools?

There exists a Science called Graphology or Handwriting Analysis, which provides a potential access to innumerous human behavioral tendencies, that too by simply studying an individual’s handwritten patterns (HANDWRITING). From validating basic insights such as Reliability, loyalty, deceiving or manipulative nature of a writer, to an extent of identifying their psychotic inclination to exploit others (including sexual abuse/harassment) is Verily possible through this science.

“This science of Graphology deliberately exposes the writer’s TRUE SELF
no matter how hard they try to forge their Handwriting!”

Considering its simplicity & genuineness along with its cost & time efficiency,
‘What if, ALL the teachers are subjected to an in-depth Handwriting Analysis’,
so as to decisively identify whether they actually possess the psychological requirement to be a teacher or not
(before they are certifiably admitted and permitted to teach)?


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Sexual harassment is not a new topic! Recent decades witnessed substantial harassment (sexual abuse) cases being reported, either it be in schools/colleges or in workplaces. A recent shocking survey reveals that sexual harassment is not only limited to girl children, but too many of India’s under-aged boys and those in their early teens have also been subjected to such unscrupulous means. 

“The trauma of sexual abuse changes a young child, as a person and affects their adult life as well.”
Despite of countless attempts by educationists and social reformists on passive sex education; awareness campaigns covering exclusive sessions that enabled a student to possibly distinguish between good touch & bad touch and initiatives to indulge them in self-defensive courses & curriculum; the students are either unaware of the severity or they are threatened in the name of marks to remain tight-lipped towards such transgression.

The most pitiable fact is that, the students don’t even know that they are being harassed.
They merely misinterpret that they have been punished for what they believe to be a wrongdoing.

Practical reasons for adulteration in the system

Do you know that there are easily more than 10 lakh schools in India?
There is absolutely no doubt that the existence of innumerable educational bodies boosts the availability of basic literacy skills to all children from different walks of life. However, confusion between quality & quantity has always been there !!

Practically speaking, “Availability of Lakhs of Schools indirectly convey, requirement for Crores of Teachers & Trainers !! “
This colossal job vacancies in schools, alongside our country’s existing rate of unemployment, paves way for countless unintentional graduates to pursue a passionless career in teaching, for whom this profession is just a regular 9 to 5 white-collared job with job security.

Survey & Statistics

We at Jayant_Steps, had personally conducted several training workshops for teachers. Almost all our sessions start with ‘How many of you here, chose this profession as a sincere heartfelt journey to serve & enlighten the society with education?’ Sadly, in an average batch size of 40, only 2-3 active participants readily acknowledged.

However, we again desperately probe for a possibility – ‘How many choicelessly ended-up being a teacher but found love with the profession and passionately started to work from then on?’ Reassuringly, we witnessed an additional 6-7 acknowledgements.

Therefore, on an average scale, it is just 10 out of 40 teachers who either loved their teaching profession or found love with their job in the later stage. Since quality doesn’t coexist without passion, a calculative assumption tells us that, ‘it is just this 25% of passionate teachers’ community that contributes “quality” in the education system’.

What about the major 75%? This composition significantly subsidize for drastic decline in the basic professional ethics that a teacher should posses and this is one of the most pathetic situation that exists in our country.

ABUSE & its general perception

In 2018, the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) said ‘109 children were sexually abused every day in India’. The statistic on crimes against women is even harder to gulp. But one aspect of this problem is always missing from such records and statements – “MALE SEXUAL ABUSE“. 

Most of us teach our children to stay cautious around men, as we largely live in denial over the existence of FEMALE SEXUAL PREDATORS. You heard it right !! Female Sexual Predators are a Reality We do not Want to Accept.

As a matter of fact, Child Sexual Abuse is GENDER-NEUTRAL !! However, for obvious reasons, unlike girl children, boys find it much harder to speak out against such transgression as they fear for the extra layer of social taboo, where they are blindly taught to be “tough”.

One must understand that, not only uncomfortable physical touch comes under sexual harassment/abuse; even an unintentional comment that makes a kid emotionally stirred-up before their friends, falls under this category.

A true teacher is defined by their ability to righteously mentor & monitor their students and ethically behave (by not taking advantage of their negligence); rather, they should be highly sensitive & cautious enough while dealing with children, particularly teens, who are the most unpredictable & petulant of all.

What is Graphology & how can it be of an utmost help?

Recent sexual harassment cases in schools that came to light, morally prompts the school management to review and revisit their prime blueprint to fill their teachers’ positions. Years of teaching experience, certificates and strong referrals doesn’t simply suffice for an equally strong ethical standard of the person. People can be explicit actors who can subdue their original persona and project a fake charisma that is in lieu with their actual self.
But, how can anyone authentically determine & discover the true intention of an applicant
(along with their possible psychological framework),
so as to have BETTER understanding towards their actual caliber and cautiously decide between,
whether the applicant is an asset or a potential liability to the institution?
There are legal limitations for the Usage of a Polygraph set-up. However, there are various other psychometric tests that can genuinely reveal the individuals’ true characteristics and behavioral patterns. One of the most palpable methodology that is also fool proof, cost & time efficient is Graphology/Handwriting Analysis.

Graphology/Handwriting Analysis is an objective study of any handwritten pattern such as
handwriting, signatures, drawings, doodles & logos (even an unintentional scribble has an objective representation).
There is a deep connection between writing and brain performance.

Uniqueness of Graphology

The science of Graphology/handwriting analysis exposes the writer’s TRUE SELF
no matter how cautiously they try to portray their handwriting. Verily,
it is highly unlikely for anyone to consistently manipulate their handwriting no matter how hard they try.
The writer’s originality pops-out at some or the other point of time that literally DOESN’T miss-out from the fervent eyes of a graphologist / handwriting analyst. Simply, ‘the originality cannot be contained for too long’.

“Like finger prints, no two individuals have the same handwriting!” – Though (in some cases) two specimen samples might seem to look ALIKE (for an untrained naked eye), a Professional Graphologist can effortlessly find out considerable number of variations, at the very first sight!

Jayant_Steps' contribution

10/10/2020 Jayant_Steps had taken-up a unique initiative to bring-in strong awareness towards the existence and authenticity of this Graphological Science. We weren’t surprised to have found out that only a handful of people, knew about this science, that too only to a partial extent.

“Generally, be it Physics, Chemistry or any other branch of science;
we all can easily correlate as to how many critical possibilities and practical difficulties a genuine science is likely to face,
before it is openly approved and authenticated as a structured platform.”

Our hard grind venture & the challenges we faced

‘People love being SHOWN rather than being TOLD!’ Therefore, the only practical way to authenticate the true potential efficacy of this Graphological science is to perform an instant MACRO Analysis for a provided handwritten specimen – A real icebreaker that gains instant attention and triggers curiosity of the writer.
We were lucky to have analyzed 10s and 100s of volunteered samples each of which individualistically emulated a wide variety of personalities. Infact, such is God’s creation – Each and everyone is uniquely blessed with different persona and skill factors.

Inquisitively, many influential delegates, officials & educationists belonging to an extensive array of educational bodies volunteered to test this science of graphology with their own handwriting samples. (HERE is a partial list of the exclusive participants)
“Initially, many laughed at us – mocked and even passed sarcastic comments;
until we gained access to their handwriting specimen !!”
To submit the writer with a Brief Overview Handwriting Analysis Report, our portfolio demands an In-person Confirmation & Clarification Session, in which, the participant writer is exclusively made self-aware of their genuine psychological characteristics along with their strengths, weaknesses and their true potential capabilities, that are solely decrypted from their handwriting.

The science of graphology never ceased to astonish the writers. Some were extremely surprised & excited to know about themselves and some could futuristically visualize the positive enhancements that this science could bring-about in the education system.
On the other hand, some felt provoked and even grew timid towards a possible circumstance of misuse with this skill.

Sensitive handwriting insights that proves Graphology's NOBILITY

Exceptionally, can you believe that this science grants us access to possible sensitive insights towards a writer’s deeply undisclosed (in some cases, unaware) psychological data that actually defines the person in reality?

  • Was the writer physically abused or are they immaturely prone to sexual abuse?
  • Is the writer stressed to an extent of suicide or are they having suicidal thoughts/tendencies?

Insights towards the above possible queries can provide us with solid clues on what exactly the person is going through and how we can extend our help & support via counseling or through other modalities.

Remember! Distressed individuals in these circumstances neither readily seek help nor discuss their actual situations with others.

Graphology enables us to covertly identify these possibilities, without probing the individual to painfully reveal everything on their own, which seriously makes them conscience-stricken, further worsening the case. Tactfully and (most importantly) PASSIVE confirmation from the individual, paves way to diplomatically handle the situation, so as to help them recover from the possible trauma.

A recent unique experience with this Science

In our recent awareness campaign on ‘the existence and authenticity towards the science of Graphology/Handwriting Analysis’, we encountered a unique experience with Mr.Pramod (Name changed), a 47 year old Educationist who owned a chain of schools and a couple of ‘College of Education’. We formally approached him via an appointment to personally authenticate this science of Graphology.
He was quite excited with the possibilities with this science but when we wanted to practically prove him our efficacy (with a FREE handwriting analysis), he was quite reluctant to give us his handwritten specimen (but finally did tentatively).
To our surprise, his handwriting specimen revealed a strong possibility of physical abuse that he could have been subjected to. Since it is a highly sensitive topic to unveil, we had to be absolutely sure with our proclamation. To re-validate our findings, we rechecked the sample for a possible glitch. Alongside, we had to thoroughly inspect the writer’s handwriting for their level of maturity, idea conceiving ability, their sensitivity & emotional portfolio and other predominant collaborates; studying which, precludes a strong possibility of misconceptions that are likely to emotionally provoke the writer.

We decided to confidently confront the topic, as Mr.Pramod’s handwriting specimen disclosed firm listening skills, capability to rightly gauge a situation, subtle tendencies to accept & correct his mistakes, forgiving nature without holding grudges, emotional stability and other supportive psychological characteristics. Despite the presence of certain undesirable critical Graphological attributes, his overall personality trait composition strongly assured us a safe spot. Hence with extreme caution, we delicately inquired about our findings.

He stopped us right there and gave us a perplexed stare! It was a tautening situation! We quickly reviewed his handwriting specimen again for any possible intricacies that we could have missed-out (but there weren’t any).
He gently asked us to hand over his Handwriting Analysis Report and took a brief look at the draft for himself.
“Not even my wife nor my dearest friend knew about this abuse. I personally feel that this very single insight truly validates your science. I wanted all my teachers and trainee teachers to get equipped with this skill”, was his very words.

Similarly, EACH & EVERY single experience that we gained from the countless volunteered samples that we worked-on,
has significant contribution towards thoroughly endorsing this science of Graphology.

Graphology in taking EXTENSIVE life-saving precautionary measures

Divergently, Graphological insights towards the below possible queries can be real-time lifesavers that can potentially safeguard one’s dignity from a possible public humiliation.
  • Reliability of the writer along with their probable extent of moral & ethical values!
  • Is the writer likely to harm and exploit others or will they be intimidating to a point of extortion (Inclination to blackmailing)? 
  • Whether the individual is harsh & arrogant towards opposite sex or do they have a distinctive possibility to pose sexual threat to others?
  • Is ‘traces of fetish/sadistic/psychotic speculations’ evidential?
  • What about their general possible sexual appetite/related fantasies?
Graphology helps us to legitimately identify whether the writer has moderate to strong influence with respect to the above said critical possibilities. Hence, taking utmost precaution with your approach puts you in the safer zone. Prime cautiousness is required while employing or establishing any sorts of connection with such personalities.

Have it in mind! Most of these individuals often disguise themselves as social sweet talkers,
in an attempt to camouflage their TRUE identity.
Your erratic decisions in the above said likely conditions can plausibly leave you in a credulous & a gullible position.

Is Graphology need of the hour?

Following the recent PSBB RajaGopalan’s impropriety, the sequential sexual harassment cases in schools that have been reported, contrived the government to setup individualistic school committees inorder to exclusively monitor and extend support accordingly, towards sexual assault complaints.
Graphology/Handwriting analysis can be the need of the hour which can lucidly & promisingly prove its benevolence.

From highly reliable & loyal personalities, whom one could blindly trust (even with one’s life),
to deceiving, manipulative sweet talkers (from whom, one should steer clear from) and
countless other human behavioral tendencies could be easily learnt & understood via this science of Graphology.

Graphology to ACCREDIT a Teacher’s Employability

Those with a ‘married’ marital status don’t simply hint that they are sexually satisfied and their fantasies are taken care of.
Likewise, a candidate who is ‘unmarried‘ cannot be blindly characterized as a potential ‘sexual threat’ to others.

Such psychological behavioral patterns of any writer could be deeply understood
with the help of this science of Graphology.
Since,the quality of education directly depends upon the quality of teachers”,
what if all the educational institutions employ such personality evaluations to firmly back their decision of choice?

Given its simplicity & genuineness, along with its cost & time efficiency,
What if all the teachers are subjected to an in-depth Handwriting Analysis,

so as to decisively identify whether they actually possess the psychological requirement to be a teacher or not
(before they are certifiably admitted and permitted to teach)?

The ever-growing Exposure of this Science

Many educational bodies and service providers (innumerous corporate companies) have already started to harness this science of graphology/handwriting analysis for the purpose of candidate profiling so as to handpick befitting applicants for their establishments.
  • One of the top B-Schools in India (SIBM Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune) is using graphology/handwriting analysis to identify the right students for their management programme. (Click HERE for the article)
  • Recently, our National Defense Operative System has recognized graphology as a supportive tool for their evaluation procedures (in secret missions).
  • Why Israelis see Handwriting as TRUE Personality Test? (Click HERE for the article)

Graphology is steadily beginning to gain the attention & recognition it truly deserves!
This science could make simple but significant changes in the education system!

Jayant_Steps' Objective & Portfolio

Jayant_Steps’ objective is to equip ALL the teachers with this skill, so that they will be intrinsically programmed to have in-depth psychological understanding towards each & every student in their classes and recognize them for their actual potential capabilities. This paves way for effective ‘individualistic education & learning‘, that has been the candid objective of many true visionary educationists for decades, all around the world.

Jayant_StepsGraphology Study Programme is built on a stern portfolio that strongly demands us
to be ABSOLUTELY SURE with the compatibility of the registrant towards inheriting this graphological skill,
(before actually proceeding with our course curriculum) and thereby effectively excluding
ANY potential misuse with this science by the beneficiary, to a GREAT possible extent.

BENEVOLENT personalities who positively redefined the entire teaching community
We would have heard about teachers who pledged their entire salary towards paying the school fees of underprivileged students, teachers who adopted children to make sure that they were in safer hands, retired officials & students from renowned educational institutions taking free classes under bridges & in footpaths; and countless others who took the hard grind by swimming across muddy waters & cycling miles of distance to teach. Even there are those who literally begged in local trains to financially support them to erect free schools for the less-fortunate children.
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a former marine engineer and an academician, is a famous Mumbai man who begged on local trains to start rural English medium schools across villages in Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Bihar.

Slide 1

is a teacher from Kerala, who daily swims across a river to school, for over 20 years now and has never missed a class.

Slide 1

popularly known as the cycle-wala Guruji, extensively cycled to remote parts of the country to spread awareness on the need for education amongst the poor and has been on a mission for the last 23 years to educate Indian children. He sent almost 2 lakh students to school.

Slide 1

popularly known as ‘Masterji’, is a shopkeeper who started his own school for hundreds of slum children, under a metro railway bridge.

Slide 1

 is a government school teacher from Tamil Nadu, who pledged her jewels worth lakhs (that she couldn’t redeem) to build smart classroom for her students. She chose teaching over a reputed managerial position so as to provide quality education to kids.

Slide 1

a spiritted 22 YO, has been on a social mission to equip kids of beggars with necessary skills, so that she can enroll them in a regular school, under the Right to Education act.

Slide 2

provides IPS, IAS and IRS coaching for a gurudakshina of Rs 11.
In 1994 there was a recruitment of 4,000 sub inspectors in Bihar, amongst which 1,100 were from Rahman’s classes.

Slide 2

from West Bengal is coined as the 'youngest headmaster in the world' by BBC for running a free school for the economically deprived, at the age of 16 (while in school himself).
His story has been officially added to a prescribed English text book by the Karnataka Government and also in the main course book for the 10th grade by NCERT in the CBSE board.
Babar Ali teaches more than 800 children today!

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started 'Indian girls who can code' to teach robotics to underprivileged girls in Tamil Nadu, without gender bias and barriers, empowering children to have better career options.

Slide 2

from Patna is a mathematic educator who started the ‘Super 30’ program that offers free coaching to the underprivileged students, inorder to prepare them for IIT-JEE.
His successful social contribution in helping poor students pass the prestigious exam got his name inducted in the Limca Book of Records (2009).
Further, his noble gesture was recognized by 'appreciations from world leaders' to 'stunning articles in international newspapers'

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from Rajasthan is a selfless man who is providing FREE coaching to aspiring medical students belonging to economically weaker sections of the society.
Rather than going to a coaching centre, he strongly believes in the power of self learning, which he insists his students to inherit - coupled with his utmost guidance.

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an IIM graduate quits a well-paying job in London along with his luxurious life there, to live in a village so as to teach English to the kids of rural Maharashtra!

Slide 3

is an NID graduate, who prefers teaching tribal kids of Odisha to 'think-out-of-the-box' rather than opt for a high paying corporate job!

Slide 3

is an ex-IIT Delhi professor, who left his prestigious job to serve the tribal people of Madhya Pradesh.
He single-handedly planted around 50,000 trees in the area and is serving these people through Shramik Adivasi Sangathan.
Notably, former RBI governor Raghuram Rajan was once his student.

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Despite of not possessing any of the above said noble characteristics and divinely objectives, it is quite acceptable for ANYONE to prefer a teaching career. However, don’t you think, they should atleast be psychologically evaluated for their possible inclination to exploit the students ?!

Tickling your brain with Grapho-Therapy

“Don’t you think, prescribing a solution is as important as identifying the problem?!”
As said earlier, each and every handwritten pattern has an objective psychological representation.
What if we carefully tried to inherit positive changes to our natural handwriting (under a proficient mentor)?
Will that be of any difference psychologically?

We will leave it to your discretion !!

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