Jayant Steps

Graphological Science has an Unimaginably Greater Array of Perspectives,
which CANNOT be simply condensed to Studying Handwriting Patterns alone!

Some of the OTHER Possibilities are

  • Signature Analysis
  • Doodle Analysis
  • Compatibility Analysis between Couples & Business Partners
  • Analysis for Making a Befitting Career Choices
  • Simplified Interviews in Recruitment Procedures
  • Forensic Science
  • Identification of Suicidal Tendencies – Physical Abuse

And the list goes on and on…

Under our Home Study Programme‘,
We had taken Serious Efforts in Carefully Crafting an ‘Instructional Manual’
that can help anyone to ‘Accurately
Identify‘, to ‘Precisely Evaluate‘ &
to ‘Confidently Conclude‘ on a Writer’s Psychological Characteristics,
so as to Understand them Better & Extend Help Accordingly.

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